Kylo Datasources Guide


Kylo can manage the creation and usage of Nifi RDBMS data source configurations, through a simple Data Source UI.



Permissions for the jars are separate per the type of process running.


$NIFI_HOME/data/lib or any path accesible by NiFi Needed by Nifi for the DBCPConnectionPool. The path might be erased at Nifi upgrade time.
$KYLO_HOME/kylo-services/plugin Needed by Kylo in the schema discovery (Data Ingestion). Need to restart Kylo if added post-start
$KYLO_HOME/kylo-services/lib Needed by Kylo wrangler (Visual Query / Data Transformation)

Spark configuration

While using the Visual Query / Data Transformation, you will need to make available the datasource jar. Recommended is to keep the datasource jar with the application (Kylo/Nifi), and pass it along to spark.

Depending on the Spark setup (server mode or the others), you will need to do different changes.

Server mode / Sandbox

  • edit $KYLO_HOME/kylo-services/bin/
  • update KYLO_DRIVER_CLASS_PATH with the path to the datasource jar (can be under $NIFI_HOME)

OR (not so recommended)

  • update/append $SPARK_HOME/conf/spark-defaults.conf with the path value. Values can be appended with “:” .This file should be referenced by spark-submit, or it’s referenced by /opt/kylo/kylo-services/bin/, which passes the values like spark-submit … –driver-class-path /path-to-oracle-jdbc/:/path-to-other-jars/

Non-server mode

  • edit $KYLO_HOME/kylo-services/
  • add to the –jar /path-to-datasource-jdbc/

You can find more information here <>

Configuration examples


Database Connection URL = jdbc:oracle:thin:@oracle:1521
Database Driver Class Name =  oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
User = <user>
Password = <password>
Database Driver Location = /opt/nifi/oracle/oracle-jdbc.jar (needs to be accesible by Nifi)


Oracle tables are only in UPPERCASE

MariaDB / MySQL

Database Connection URL = jdbc:mariadb://mariadb:3306
Database Driver Class Name =  org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver
User = <user>
Password = <password>
Database Driver Location = /opt/nifi/mysql/maria-jdbc.jar (needs to be accesible by Nifi)

(OPT) Specify the password in the Kylo application properties file Update /opt/kylo/kylo-services/conf/ with nifi.service.<datasource_name>.password=<password>

Perfomance considerations while importing data

Consider to use the Sqoop import processor for performance gains