Setup Wizard Deployment Guide

Note that you will need a database user with schema create privileges if allowing the setup wizard to create the database. If you prefer to create the “kylo” database yourself and/or create a “kylo” user please refer to Create Kylo Database and User first

Step 1: Run the Setup Wizard


If Java 8 is not the system Java choose option #2 on the Java step to download and install Java in the /opt/java/current directory.

  1. From the /opt/kylo/setup directory
$ /opt/kylo/setup/
  1. Offline mode from another directory (using offline setup TAR file)
$ <PathToSetupFolder>/setup/ -o


Both -o and -O work.

Follow the directions to install the following:

  • MySQL or Postgres scripts into the local database
  • Elasticsearch
  • ActiveMQ
  • Java 8 (If the system Java is 7 or below)
  • NiFi and the Kylo dependencies

The Elasticsearch and ActiveMQ services start when the wizard is finished.