Release notes - Kylo - VersionΒΆ


  • [KYLO-1174] - Allow users to override auto alignment on save in NiFi
  • [KYLO-1175] - Remove 'required' flag on entity access owner field
  • [KYLO-1186] - Optimize Feed Creation in NiFi


  • [KYLO-1020] - Kylo doesn't pick-up processor/ step errors
  • [KYLO-1069] - Unable to create feed as a different user. Create Feed permission error
  • [KYLO-1189] - Support 'failure' connection detection in subgroups
  • [KYLO-1193] - KyloPersistentProvenanceRepository sometimes doesnt save the backup file on shutdown
  • [KYLO-1194] - NPE on feed edit and save