Release notes - Kylo - VersionΒΆ


  • [KYLO-1397] - Example custom stepper plugin


  • [KYLO-997] - Data Transformation Feed Editing Error
  • [KYLO-1241] - Check for null in NormalizeAndCleanString.normalizeAndClean
  • [KYLO-1430] - Newly created feeds do not inherit category-level feed permission settings
  • [KYLO-1433] - Uploading a feed file with metadata properties doesnt retain correct values
  • [KYLO-1434] - speed up processing to find latest jobexecution for feed
  • [KYLO-1439] - Duplicate name check on feed save to be run as a service account
  • [KYLO-1440] - importing a feed without a description errors
  • [KYLO-1441] - kylo.FEED table can contain duplicate feeds with the same name
  • [KYLO-1442] - changing datasources in feed autocomplete doest reset connection
  • [KYLO-1443] - Job Execution Context map can have a Null values resulting in an error