Issues Fixed - Kylo - VersionΒΆ


  • [KYLO-2147] - Unable to use SQL Server with Sqoop Ingest template
  • [KYLO-2214] - Feed import validation for user properties causes NPE
  • [KYLO-2216] - Upgrade to 0.9.1 fails starting from a version prior to 0.8.3
  • [KYLO-2221] - Kylo XML ingestion template cannot handle variable schemas in JSON and XML
  • [KYLO-2223] - User properties are not imported during feed import
  • [KYLO-2235] - Missing tba:allowPreconditions property on templates not handled gracefully
  • [KYLO-2237] - Kylo spark shell fails to launch
  • [KYLO-2239] - Validator and Profiler spark context issues
  • [KYLO-2252] - Upgrade action of principal ACLs for 0.9.0 fails when an ACL references a non-existant group
  • [KYLO-2260] - AD authentication provider service password should be a char array
  • [KYLO-2267] - XML Ingest doesn't support other filesystems
  • [KYLO-2312] - Ops manager missing category name in views
  • [KYLO-2317] - spark-xml attributePrefix differs from spark1 to spark2