SUSE Configuration Changes


The deployment guide currently addresses installation in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL or variant, CentOS, Fedora) based environment. There are a couple of issues installing Elasticsearch and ActiveMQ on SUSE. Below are some instructions on how to install these two on SUSE.


When installing ActiveMQ you might see the following error.


Configuration variable JAVA_HOME or JAVACMD is not defined correctly.

(JAVA_HOME=’‘, JAVACMD=’java’)

For some reason ActiveMQ isn’t properly using the system Java that is set. To fix this issue I had to set the JAVA_HOME directly.

  1. Edit /etc/default/activemq and set JAVA_HOME at the bottom
  2. Restart ActiveMQ (service activemq restart)


The setup wizard currently doesnt autodetect that its on a SUSE. Therefore you should skip the Elasticsearch installation step and download/install the DEB distribution manually.