Release 0.4.0 (Oct. 4, 2016)


  • Support Streaming/Rapid Fire feeds from NiFi


Operations Manager User Interfaces for viewing Streaming feeds will come in a near future release.

  • Security enhancements including integration with LDAP and administration of users and groups through the web UI
  • Business metadata fields can be added to categories and feeds
  • Category and feed metadata can be indexed with Elasticsearch, Lucene, or Solr for easier searching
  • Fixed bug with kylo init.d service scripts not support the startup command
  • Fixed issues preventing preconditions or cleanup feeds from triggering
  • Fixed usability issues with the visual query
  • Better error notification and bug fixes when importing templates
  • Service level agreement assessments are now stored in our relational metadata store
  • Spark Validator and Profiler Nifi processors can now handle additional Spark arguments
  • Redesign of job details page in operations manager to view steps/details in vertical layout
  • Allow injection of properties for any processor or controller service in the file. The feed properties will be overridden when importing a template. This includes support to auto fill all kerberos properties.

Known Issues

  • The Data Ingest and Data Transformation templates may fail to import on a new install. You will need to manually start the SpringContextLoaderService and the Kylo Cleanup Service in NiFi, then re-import the template in the Feed Manager.
  • When deleting a Data Transformation feed, a few Hive tables are not deleted as part of the cleanup flow and must be deleted manually.

Running in the IDE

  • If you are running things via your IDE (Eclipse or IntelliJ) you will need to run the following command under the core/operational-metadata/operational-metadata-jpa module

  • mvn generate-sources

    This is because it is now using JPA along with QueryDSL(, which generates helper Query classes for the JPA entities.  Once this runs you will notice it generates a series of Java classes prefixed with “Q” (i.e. QNifiJobExecution) in the core/operational-metadata/operational-metadata-jpa/target/generated-sources/java/

    Optionally you could just run a mvn install on this module which will also trigger the generate-sources.

  • Additionally, if you havent done so, you need to ensure the latest nifi-provenance-repo.nar file is in the /opt/nifi/data/lib folder.