Release 0.3.2 (Sept. 19, 2016)


  • Fixes a few issues found in version 0.3.1.
  • Removed thinkbig, nifi, and activemq user creation from RPM install and installation scripts. Creating those users are now a manual process to support clients who use their own user management tools.
  • Kerberos support for the UI features (data wrangling, hive tables, feed profiling page). Data wrangling uses the thinkbig user keytab and the rest uses the hive user keytab.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 0.3.1 where the nifi symbolic link creation is broken during a new installation.
  • Added support for installation Elasticsearch on SUSE.


The activemq download URL was changed. To manually update the installation script edit: /opt/thinkbig/setup/activemq/ and change the URL on line 25 to be